Thank you to all that came to support local artist, Kelsey Witt!

We are thrilled at the turn out of the Vitamin Art Showcase! We truly enjoy being in a community that actively supports local work. Overall, it was a successful night and we are overjoyed to say that Kelsey sold all of her art.

Kelsey used our showroom as a work of art as we watched her create an AMAZING wall mural in front of our eyes. She told us, “I really look at a space and just react from it.” Along with her wall mural; she hung up original paintings, drawings, and custom hand-made globes. On Wednesday, she created live art to add to her artwork as visitors were welcome to view the installation. On Thursday we welcomed many guests to sit back and enjoy local beer and local art! We had a blast and wish Kelsey Witt good fortune in her future showcases!


Check out some highlights of our night below!

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