PC&A Services

The PC&A difference

  • PC&A has created an infrastructure of interior design services, project management, and facilities management that allows us to offer expertise and services that no other furniture dealership offers in our area.
  • PC&A’s service crew understands that the details make the design and difference in the products’ effectiveness. They have been trained under our design team and taught to see with a designer’s eye to correct issues without a “punch list”, if at all possible.
  • Unlike most commercial furniture dealerships, PC&A is owned and operated by interior designers that consider the client’s needs and the A&D’s intentions first in order to find an appropriate solution as opposed to viewing a client as a customer that needs to buy furniture.

We can provide the following furniture and facility services:

  • Delivery and assembly of furniture
  • Refinishing of wood furniture
  • Making repairs
  • Determination of parts needed and replacing parts
  • On-site training on how to utilize and operate furniture, such as ergonomic seating, keyboard trays, monitor arms, height adjustable tables, etc.
  • Wall covering installation
  • Office Moves

PC&A also offer the following services:

  • Space planning
  • Furniture selections
  • Finish selections
  • Detail drawings
  • Interior renderings
  • Window treatments
  • Reupholstery
  • Selecting and installing artwork and decorative accessories
  • Selection of decorative lighting