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Humble Beginnings

In 1992, two friends, Susan Pilato and Donna Counts, had an idea that led to the creation of PC&A Business Environments. From the early days of starting up, going through various moves and name changes, PC&A has become a trusted commercial furniture dealership.

Susan and Donna started PC&A because they wanted to work for a company that reflected their values: integrity, accountability, friendship, trust, passion, and commitment. Despite their differences, these qualities blended to form a unique and diverse partnership. This philosophy of valuing diversity has been essential from the beginning and remains important today. Their commitment to creating a different kind of business is evident in a strategic plan that merges personal and business growth, integrates profits with integrity, and nurtures a competitive yet conscientious culture.

Our Story

Our founders intentionally put their names on the door because they believed in leading by example. They knew that to create a warm, relationship-focused client experience, it had to start with them. Building the right culture required emotional intelligence, so Susan and Donna became mirrors for each other, putting in the work. This approach resulted in a company culture centered on open communication, prioritizing people over profits, and effective conflict resolution, all starting from the top down.

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