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  • Furniture selections

  • Delivery and assembly of furniture

  • On-site training on how to utilize and operate furniture, such as ergonomic seating, keyboard trays, monitor arms, height adjustable tables, etc.

  • Detail drawings

  • Interior renderings

  • Finish selections

  • Space Planning

  • Selection and installation of:

    • Artwork

    • Architectural Walls

    • Window Treatments

    • Wall covering

    • Decorative lighting

    • Decorative accessories & plants

  • Refinishing of wood furniture

  • Repairs

  • Acoustical Solutions

  • Office Moves

  • Reupholstering

Services We Provide




PC&A understands that the selection of your office furnishings can be a bit daunting. We hope you will find this to be helpful as you visit furniture dealer show rooms.

What to expect.

The first conversation should be about you to determine your requirements, office layout, etc. This is an essential exercise in understanding your needs before any products are shown or recommendations provided.

As proper ergonomics is proven to maximize comfort and minimize work related disorders, they should be a part of the discussion.

You should feel comfortable that your needs are understood and are reflected in the recommendations provided.

Questions to ask.

Do they accept SPIFFS (Sales Promotion Incentive Funds) ? They are meant to personally benefit the employee rather than what is best for the client. Uniquely, none of the PC&A staff will accept SPIFFS (Sales Promotion Incentive Funds) from furniture manufacturers.

Is the recommendation made of solid wood, veneer or laminate? If the recommendation is made of solid wood, what type and grade is it?

If veneer or laminate, we suggest you research the pros and cons as veneer/laminate is not known to be long lasting or good for the environment.

What type of warranty is included?

What level of customer service is provided, both during the sale and post installation?

Do they integrate and handle the data and electrical needs within their offered solutions?



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