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  • First of all, we are designer owned, designer focused but not designers’ competitor. Our team is mostly comprised of designers who understand the demands of your projects and partner with you to create the best solution for your client.

  • We are not bound by the sales expectations imposed on other furniture dealerships that are tied to major furniture lines. Conversely, we have access to a wide choice of vendors to ensure that we can source the products that will work best to meet your particular needs.

  • Uniquely, none of the PC&A staff will accept SPIFFS (Sales Promotion Incentive Funds) from furniture manufacturers. They are meant to personally benefit the salesperson instead of the client. We believe in doing what is right for the client and will not sacrifice their needs for cash in one’s pocket.

  • Our team offers specialties in hospitality, health care, multi-family housing, corporate and others areas of industry.

  • In almost every case, the PC&A credo is “the answer is yes, what is the question”.

  • At PC&A, you can expect a complete solution, to include artwork, wall covering and window treatments, in addition to your furniture needs. You can use us for any or all of the solutions we provide.

  • Every PC&A solution takes ergonomics into account that will enable workers’ comfort and avoid work related disorders. Several team members, including our crew, are certified in ergonomic assessment of work spaces.

  • PC&A’s service crew understands that the details make the design and difference in the products’ effectiveness. Trained under our design team, they see with a designer’s eye to correct issues without a “punch list”, if at all possible.

  • PC&A is women owned and managed, SWAM certified, 30 years in business. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA with offices in Richmond, VA and Indianapolis, IN.

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